Janitorial Services That Shine

Attracting and keeping clients is the core of your business; providing a clean and comfortable environment is ours. With Sajan & Company, you save costs without ever compromising the quality of janitorial services.
Are there other janitorial services out there that can underbid us? Yes. But bargain-rate contract cleaning companies may actually cost you more in the long run if their lack of service causes you to lose business, or costs you money in damage or repairs.

Standardized Processes

Carefully documented processes in our comprehensive Quality Manual ensures that we do it right the first time, every time.
Because we consistently do things the same way every time, we can objectively measure our performance based on your service requirements.

Regular Inspections

Inspections are conducted on a daily and weekly basis by local supervisors and managers.

Customer Communications

Frequent communication is also a key element of our Quality Management System. And e makes it easy to communicate with us.
Using our websites, email and cell phones provided by Sajan & company, a project supervisor is always immediately available to handle your service requests. Another Effective way for our customers to have a voice is through our Customer Satisfaction Survey, which we use to measure your quality perceptions of our work.
By tracking service issues, we can implement preventive/corrective measures as soon as possible.

Well Dress Janitorial Force

Sajan and Company customers will always be able to recognize Sajan and Company employees because they’ll proudly be wearing the Sajan & Company name. The professional image of our service workers is just one more way Sajan and company works to enhance the overall image at your property.
As the old saying goes, we are often measured by the company we keep. Our uniformed service workers help you project an image of quality and professionalism at your facility. Now more than ever, establishing an identity and presence at our customer sites is imperative as security at most facilities has become heightened in recent years.
Our uniform program helps put your employees, tenants and customers at ease knowing that a same worker comes from Sajan and Company, a name they have come to know and trust. And from a security standpoint, it simply helps to distinguish the people who are supposed to be on your property from the people who aren’t.
The power of a uniform doesn’t stop there.
It also gives our service workers a greater sense of responsibility and accountability with every action, every day.
Our uniform program makes a statement; it says, “One Look. One Team.” Our staff knows that the Sajan & Company name stands for quality.
This notion extends far beyond our employees’ personal appearance; it reaches into the very fiber of our team’s daily work ethic — with the Sajan & Company name on their shirts as a constant reminder of the task at hand.

Material List

  1. 3StipMop
  2. Steel Mop
  3. Dam Mop
  4. Soft brooms & I lard Booms
  5. Finial
  6. Sweep
  7. Taizab
  8. Chemical Liquate
  9. Bleech
  10. Squash Brush
  11. Air Fresher
  12. Room Fresher
  13. Road Brush
  14. Hand Brush
  15. Toilet Brush
  16. Toilet Pump
  17. Wimp
  18. Surf
  19. Fine Duster
  20. Floor Duster
  21. 5 stick
  22. Small wiper
  23. Bulties
  24. Supra

All cleaning material provided if require

We Will Provide Following Facilities

  • Buffing Machine and Floor Washing Machine
  • DustCollector
  • Vacuum Machine
  • Mop Bucket
  • Glasses Complete Kit
  • Uniform
  • Duty Card