Compliance of Applicable Law & Insurance:

Sajan & Company is fully compliant of applicable labor laws and employees are covered against accidental loss of life, disability and injuries.

Rules & Regulations

Following Rules and Regulations have to be followed during employment with Sajan & Company:

  • Job will be carried out strictly in accordance with the procedures set by Sajan & Co.
  • During duty hours, wearing uniform will be mandatory. If someone found without uniform, he/she will be returned from work and no salary will be paid for that particular day.
  • Salary is paid during 5th to 10th of each calendar month. In exceptional circumstances, there is a chance of late salary.
  • Upon receiving complaint against any employee, inquiry is conducted and if found guilty, proper disciplinary action is initiated that could amount to termination of that employee.
  • One week prior approval is mandatory for an employee willing to avail leave. Un-otherized absence from work will be treated gross misconduct that could lead to termination of employment.
  • Un-ethical behavior/practice such as involvement in stealing/theft (directly or indirectly), dacoity, harassment/threat to any employee/officer/director, consuming toxic material such as alcohol etc will be treated gross misconduct. He/She will refrain him/her to cause damage to any valuable of the customer company.
  • Punctuality is maintained at all cost; late arrival at work is not acceptable in any circumstances. Rs. 100/- penalty will be imposed for each late.
  • Any worker may leave the job at any time by serving one month prior notice or depositing one month salary. Upon termination of employment, uniform and identity card will be surrendered. If someone leave the job without giving prior notice, no salary will be payable.
  • If a worker has complaint against any employee/officer/executive/director of Customer Company, he/she will report to Sajan & Company and will refrain to involve in any altercation.
  • If someone found guilty of preparing forge documents, proper legal action will be initiated.
  • Every worker is required to take good care of property/asset/valuable of the customer company.