Personnel Equipment Supplies


When choosing Sajan & Company you can be assured you have well trained, professionally managed, and highly secure personnel in your buildings

  • Employee’s personal background and employment history checked and verified.
  • Employee’s work records are reviewed for integrity, ability, reliability and eligibility
  • Complete files are maintained on each employee
  • Mandatory company orientation including our history, our core values and the services we provide on public health as well as on the quality of life everyone enjoys
  • The principals and theories of cleaning
  • Classroom training
  • Field and on-site training
  • Ongoing coaching, training and evaluating

Personnel Equipment Supplies:

Sajan & Company utilizes the finest janitorial equipment available in the market today. This equipment is exceptionally time efficient and cost effective. We constantly tries to stay ahead of the new equipment.


Sajan & Company maintains a complete line of environmentally friendly and effective chemicals / detergent, cleaning equipment and consumable paper products.