Sajan & Company is a pakistan based commercial cleaning, janitorial services, fumigation and professional building maintenance company for the past twenty years.

In 1970

in backward to 1970 Mr, Juman start along their business in small contract in Hydrabad. He had handle their contract very successfully. he work hard and sincerely.
He made good PR and their skill to grow up their work. He is good planer and managed at a time number of labors.

In 1980

in 1980 to1990, Mr Juman has shifted to Hydrabad from Karachi with family And newly establishment their business different companies, factory along with their beloved elder Son Sajan JD .
They worked hardy and setup their business different company In 1970 to 1980 Mr. Juman has renown all over Hydrabad as janitorial Service. He has obtained various contracts of multinational companies.

In 1990 to 2002

In 1990 to 2002 Mr, Juman well known in janitorial service Proprietor in 2002, They work hard and registered as “SAJAN AND COMPANY”
Mr, Juman with his Son as partner in 2002, Both they complete their project successfully and the janitorial service are among the most the know, prestigious and famous organization.

In 2005

in 2002 to 2005 they run their business successfully, But suddenly Mr. Juman has expired at 3 august 2005 at this time all work handle be lover elder son Mr. Sajan JD hardly and sincerely.
Then Dissolution of this Partnership, Sajan admitted his wife as a Partner and made new Partnership.
They work day and night to grow up their company and also establish their office in the heart of business city Karachi, at Shahra-e-faisal

In 2008 to onward

in 2005 to onward Sajan Jd is successful business man ,He is know in the market and more project with 100% success and satisfaction and He want start new project in all Pakistan and Foreign countries in future.
Now bunch of power of men and women. Our services are available all over Pakistan and all over world.